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Złącze okrągłe, Seria SP, Wtyk do montażu na kablu, 22 styki/-ów, Pin lutowany, Typu push-pull


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Nr katalogowy Farnell
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Seria SP
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Seria SP
Typu push-pull
Pin lutowany
Wtyk do montażu na kablu
Korpus z sulfonu
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The SP series Redel® Connector has been widely employed in the medical market which is constantly seeking improvements in performance. Amongst these requirements are impact and crush resistance due to the working environment in hospitals, numbers of sterilisation cycles that equipment can withstand and increasing contact density as innovations occur within the medical equipment and other sectors. In seeking to meet these requirements a complete review of the whole Redel system led to the idea of inverting the latching system, so that the latches lock onto the central insert mounting rather than the bore of the receptacle. The complete connector can be assembled from spare parts (even the contact configuration) therefore offering good flexibility in stock keeping. The outer shell in Proprietary sulfone enables extensive sterilisation cycles of the product. A large choice of bend relief is available in different colour and size.
  • High contact density-up to 22 contacts same size as Redel 1P
  • Increased resistance to shock and crushing
  • Plastic shell made of proprietary Sulfone
  • Blind mating and scoop proof
  • Enhanced ergonomics hand grip
  • Solder, crimp and print contacts


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