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Float Switch, LR02 Series, Non Mercury, Hypalon, 250 V, 5 A, 5 m Cable


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LR02 Series
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LR02 Series
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The LR02 series Float Switch is an efficient Liquid Level Detector designed for trouble free operation over a long life. The device is non-mercury version of the highly successful LR01/SC37 series. The mercury tilt switch is used in the LR01 has been replaced by a micro-switch and rolling ball arrangement which eliminates all heavy metals. There is no hard and fast rules applicable to mounting this unit, however the lead should be supported in an enclosed vessel and in an open vessel it is advantageous to clip the lead to the side especially if excessive turbulence is experienced. To obviate the effects of rapid switching conditions that would result if such turbulence is experienced, it is advantageous to use maintaining circuit which both safeguards the micro-switch and cuts out any chatter of the starters of associated pumps. Alternative cable lengths and actuating weight position can be produced to order.


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