Our Automotive product range offers everything from MCUs, to displays, high power LEDs, automotive grade passives, DC motors and stepper motors, Optical components, and sensors. We also stock and tag our fully AEC-Q100, Q101 and Q200 compliant components. All of these components are used in the automotive sector for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, body electronics, hybrid system, infotainment, and safety and security, as well as other systems.



Automotive Certified Products (AEC-Q100, AEC-Q101, AEC-Q200, USCAR)

Automotive Capable Products

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Automotive Applications

The automotive sector is a very fast changing sector, and it is important to keep completely up to date with the newest and best components to  ensure maximum accuracy, durability, and reliability. That is something we achieve by constantly introducing newer and better components into our product range.

As the automotive industry grows and evolves so does the electronics involved and utilized in that sector. Also the standard design of automotive products diverges as new designs have different merits and we cater for this through our wide range of products giving engineers the choices they need to make their design.

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